PCIe M.2 2230 (M2P-30DE Series)

2021.9.28 Video

In the future technology development, compact size of key components has been always requested.
The miniaturization of industrial grade storage products has also come to the era of M.2 interface SSD.

UD info PCIe M.2 2230 SSD with high-performance, small size and large capacity designed for various small size applications.

UD info PCIe M.2 2230 SSD uses the M key interface that supports the NVMe high-speed protocol, and uses PCIe Gen 3x4 channels to transfer data.
The highest performance read and write speed reach 2500MB/s and 1500MB/s. With 112-layer BiCS 5 3D TLC Flash, it can perform high-speed data transmission to meet various usage requirements. The small form factor of 22mm x 30mm gives designers of final products to have more space to obtain their achievement.